Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gee...I wish I had said that!

This post is designed for those of you who love quotes as much as I do. I think we create much of our personas and much of our connection to others through quotes. Just check out any Hallmark card or inspirational poster, or personal mantras and you'll see  certain quotes that have been around for many years because they communicate something that is less than ephemeral, that is long-lasting and timeless. For this post, I'd really like you to post quotes that mean something to you. Whether you are an athlete, a struggling student, someone who is positive, someone who loves friends, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, popular, not popular, there is some quote out there that speaks to your current station in life. For the assignment, I'd like you to post the quote and then explain why it means something to you or why you chose that particular one. There is no need to post to others' quotes, just post your quote and explanation. Please, for the semester, post 5 quotes and explanations. There is not a due date (besides the end of the semester), and I will not be grading them until then. In fact, you'll have other posting assignments due while this one just kind of floats out there. Please see me for questions. In the meantime, find quotes that matter and record them and your thoughts here on The Hot Gossip AL5

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